I'm a lonely ex-Christian living among staunch fanatical Christians and am looking for atheists to relate to.

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Hey, ain't nobody here but us heretics!  Please have a great time!

Edit: And while I think about it, GREETINGS and welcome to Atheist Nexus!

I hope to have a great time thank you. I am just getting used to being a non theist among theists so here would be a great place to meet like minded people.

Pamela, I know what you mean. Today, we start the clean-up of a home I lived in for 42 years and we are now getting it ready to sell!  I recently moved to live with reactionary conservatives in an extremely reactionary conservative town. I feel as though I were a polar bear living on a shrinking iceberg with renewal and refreshment diminishing.  

Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Pamela, you will find a group of people creating community using the internet. I hope you find an atheist family here. 

Pamela, atheist nexus is not very active.  Reminds me of a fishing guide who told us, "should have been here last week boys, they were hitting like mad!"

And so it is. You should have been here yesteryear.

Frankie, I wonder why there are so few active people on this site as well. Are we not friendly, or maybe too friendly. Do we discuss too much politics and religion or too little? 

Whatever the reason, I enjoy this site very much and respect the people who contribute here. 

Hey, Pamela!

By way of getting a conversation going, could you tell us something about your impressions and experiences relating to atheism?  Have you had a chance to read any books on the subject or see any videos?  You should know that there are LOTS of both out there, coming from multiple backgrounds and experiences, from the likes of Christopher Hitchens' god Is Not Great to Seth Andrews' Deconverted, with a whole lot in between.  One of the things that has been significant to me is learning of the multiple paths different people have taken to arrive at non-belief in a deity and the disparate and interesting flavors they bring to the table.

It would be interesting to hear your own story of deconversion, if you wish to share it.  Regarding that, please know there is NO PRESSURE to share or not to.  You offer what you feel comfortable with here.  And yeah, as Frankie said, A|N isn't as active as it used to be ... but that doesn't mean it has to STAY that way!

Please take care and enjoy!

Most of us know just what you mean. I hope that you find people and community here on this site. Welcome.

Howdy! There are many great people here!


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