Hello, just a brief intro into my situation....

I am a 31 year old atheist/non-theist from the thriving academic hot-bed that is West Wales, UK, where men are neanderthal and the sheep are scared (for those not in the know, Wales is a small country/principality to the left of England).

I have taught Science at secondary level (Ages 11-18) for 9 years, and have always tried to get pupils  to critically think about the natural world. Qualified in Genetics and Zoology, I managed to settle in the field of Physics...nope, not even I can understand how I managed that.

My background involves being raised in an environment where links to religion were never an issue (apart from a bat-guano insane Great Aunt who would ramble on about the wrath of God), it has only, since moving into firstly the University environment, and then when first becoming a teacher (especially in a school with close links to a church) that religion has come up in any capacity.....and quite frankly it worries me, mainly in the way it seems that alot of it contravenes freedom of thought.

Anyway thats a basic background, and the reason I find myself here, and if anyone wants to ask about anything feel free.

Have a good one!


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welcome to AN. I was at Uni in Lampeter, so probably not too far from you. Bur that all seems a lifetime ago now. Keep up the good work!
I have been to Lampeter a grand total of "once" leading to a bizarre meeting with a man named "Army Steve" who professed to wearing his girlfriends underwear who was 35 years older than him. He then relayed that he used to have a boyhood crush on Gary Birtles (ex Notts Forest player). Let's say it was an experience in itself.

As for the good work, haha, you have not seen me teach........maybe the word "adequate" would have been appropriate.
I don't feel anxiety about religion, usually if someone starts prattling on religion I just walk off, but will end up like a pit bull if they persist......when the buttons are pressed.

As for Wales it actually is a nice place, I live a few miles from the Gower Peninsula in Swansea, some of the best scenery that you could possibly view (Just look up Worm's Head, Three Cliffs etc) and you will see true unspoilt coastal regions. Granted though for all its beauty, there are some hell holes too.....alot of areas are very poor due to the pull out of industry, but no different to Pittsburgh I guess with the downturn in the steel industry.

Pittsburgh is a place I would love to go, big sports fan, and for years was big into NHL especially the era of Jagr, Lemieux etc. So always wanted to go, I seen them play Toronto a few years ago though at the Air Canada Centre.

Whereabouts does his family come from?


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