Hello there!


Discovered this forum a few days ago, and thought it was time I introduced myself.


I've been an atheist for as long as I remember, and I'm currently going through a bachelor in biology.

While I've usually kept my atheism to myself, the fascination that the biology courses have over me make me want to participate more in communication.

I've always been respectfull of other people's belief,
but now I catch myself wanting theists to "see", even just a glimpse, of how life can truly be fascinating when you accept the fact of being part of a 4 billion year old chemical reaction.


Reading through the posts on this forum, I realise how much luck I have living in a secular country like Switzerland. I can just hope the world will keep moving in a more secular direction.


Hope to know you all a bit better, and see you around,



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Welcome, Johan!  You are very lucky to live in a secular country.  It's just a matter of time, the secularization of America.  I hope to see it in my lifetime.  See you around!
Hi Johan!  See ya around the site!
Welcome to the forum!  nice to meet you

Hello!so many people in the usa are christian and claim it's a christian country(which it's not).You are very lucky indeed.I hope someday that my county is secular too.


Thanks :).

I sincerely hope the USA will become a bit more secular country as well. It may seem to be in a very distant future when you look at the politics... but seeing how the kids seem to be now days, and how the rest of the world is moving along... there would just need to be a few politicians with the guts of coming out as atheists, and I think things could move quite fast.


And is Canada secular, anyone know? I might be moving there in a few years...

and while I have a very hard time imagining a Canadian being pushy about religion... I never really asked.



Hello and welcome.... I just read a funny short story by the author Sarah Vowell about Canadians and how they differ from Americans.  She basically boils it down to the difference between cowboys (the grubby individualists on horses who use guns every chance they get) and mounties (the well dressed, polite guys on horses who helped to 'tame' the Canadian wilderness).  Cowboys swagger and take the law into their own hands, Mounties do the right thing and enforce the law.  Americans do not like the word conformity; Canadians like to think of it as 'working together as a team'.  Vowell quoted a funny story about the film "It's a Wonderful Life" and how Canadians would call that bragging and title it "It's an All Right Life" instead.  So no, I can't imagine Canadians being pushy about ANYTHING...ha.  But I'm one of those people obsessed with Canada...especially their humor.  If you haven't heard of 'Kids in the Hall', check it out sometime.  Here's a clip: 






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