I have recently become more and more aware that I am not "just" a non-theist I am actively non-theistic and I while on the whole I don't mind people being religious as long as it doesn't affect directly children and/or education of scientific endeavours. I am now ready to start campaigning my views against zealots who proselytize too strongly either at me or around me. 

It's also made me realise that I need to focus on what I want to do with this life that will ultimately "help the next generation". I quit my programming job last year and went cycling for 7 months I now am living abroad in France as a teacher of English. This has helped give me time to think (trust me 8-10 hours a day on a bicycle gives you ample time to think. 

I am considering going back to Uni and retraining in a discipline of science and ergo will probably have to do refreshers on my science GCSE's and definitely do some science A-levels to get into the courses I'd like. 

Expect more discussion posts as I also have another plan of action but it needs more work and fleshing out before I can offer it up for comment. 

Best wishes, hope to make friends here 


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Hi James,
Welcome to A/N - stand up for what you know to be true and good!
Hey thanks will do my best! I was wondering where the community could be hiding, I guess I hadn't searched that hard until now :). I am hopefully going to write up a few discussion points, I find the biggest problem of us non-theist is that there is little to bind us together as cohesively as theists do. Hopefully communities like this will be a good start
Welcome James. Always room for a new face.
Hey thanks ;), While it's nice to be here it's disappointing to see the lack of people in France who are presently here. I may have to see if there's a way we can commit translations to the interface so that I can start gathering people in Toulouse! How is the situation like where you are?
Well, as an expat you probably don't support the local rugby union club - but if you actually made the trip to Montpellier last Friday with the huge Toulousain crowd, we might have met at the venue.
Hey! I think were some of the few people in France on this site ;). Nah I didn't make Montpellier, I have to be a fan of rugby here it's mandatory. We'll have to try and work on getting more French people on the site me'think any ideas?
Sorry, but I'm short of good ideas. In a secular country where most people see religion as a private and personal issue, I see no real incentive for non-believers to gather together.

I have to be a fan of rugby here it's mandatory.

Same here (the Perpignan area.) About 10,000 season ticket holders while the city itself is only barely 120,000 strong. It's not that hard to figure out what the main religion in Ovalie is:

Welcome, James! Great to have you here. New faces are very much welcome. :)
Yeah it's good to be here and it's nice to meet you :) I think its great to mingle with some like minded people, who are motivated non-theists. The thing is many people don't even think about faith or proselytize so you don't often find out their views, or even if you do there's nothing to discuss ;). Communities like this are really important to gather the people who are eager to discuss the subjects of life without theism. Will probably start opening some discussions on various thoughts I've had now I finally have rational people to discuss them with :D


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