I'm Ken and it's nice to find this place.  I was raised by Baptist parents and decided to do the "right thing" when I was around 18.  That being to read the entire bible.  Hmmm....maybe that didn't work out so well!  Haha.  Ok, about myself.  I am a firefighter.  I live in the country and wouldn't trade it for the nicest home in any city.  I enjoy food, motorcycling, hunting, and tons of other things!  I grew up in a small town.  Moved away to a big city and got enough of that in a hurry.  I'm new to this social networking thing so if I'm coming across as an oaf please let me know!  Anyway, I'm not a very interesting person but thought I'd go ahead and try to introduce myself.  Thanks.

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Welcome. Great last name by the way. First off if you are exploring social networking and trying to get a better understanding of being an atheist you are already interesting. New to this myself and the best thing I have found is that it gives me a sense of not being so alone since we are outnumbered big time. I am in Florida and have spent my entire life deep in the bible belt. I cannot understand for the life of me how so many people just trod along in their life accepting all the nonsense we are conditioned to believe since they got their hands on us as children. It feels good not to fear and to reject a supernatural deity that sounds like a mean mo fo if you ask me. . Anyway welcome and I am jealous since I would love to live in the country again. I miss it. You are a lucky man.




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