Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to this site and I've not been really active on here so I thought I would introduce myself and I would love to hear from all you level headed atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, humanists and skeptics (sorry if I have left anyone out). Please feel free to let me know about any groups that you are involved in too.


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Gasp, what about the flying spaghetti monster proponents! You forgot them!

... I, I just can't look at you any more... you bring great sadness to my heart...

lol. Welcome.
I too am new to the site. But welcome anyway.

It used to be that I didn't bother seeking out fellow atheists because it didn't make much sense to me to group together around a lack of interest or lack of belief in something.

To me it would be like religious people attending something called "The organisation of we don't really care who this Buddha guy was." And then forming independent organisations for everything else they don't believe in... and then their combinations.
( I hear the "we never saw no tooth fairy" conventions are wonderful! )

But as time passed, I continued to get hounded by religious people online telling me I'm going to hell for not believing in what they believe in... I began yearning for somewhere to go where I can just say what I'm thinking without having to worry if I'm walking on religious egg shells.

... and now here I am.

... so... I guess I'm not really here because I'm seeking out atheists... I'm here because I'm seeking out anyone who isn't religiously inclined to tell me off for not being religious.

... which just so happens to be fellow Atheists.
Damn damn damn how could I have forgotten the Flying Spaghetti Monster's many devout followers? I shall now surely be going to pasta hell lol.

Good to speak to you mate. I'm constantly being told that I am immoral for my lack of faith in some bronze age goat herder's war god too and between that and the constant visits by the Jehovah's Witnesses I just felt that for the sake of my sanity I should seek out some rational people to talk to and so here I am too.

Thank you for the warm welcome mate.




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