Hi there new to Atheist nexus and wanted to say what up. I'm also looking for fellow non-believers in my town and surrounding area. Wanted to get together with at least someone else and try to start a secular group in town where we can meet like minded people and generally have a good time. Well I won't bother you folks with my ramblings anymore. Peace!

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Used to live in Seattle. Not so sure about the atheist population in Wetsnatchee,
Any of your friends old enough to remember the witch hunt?

Hello! I grew up here, moved away for 20 years and have been back for about 2. Love the landscape. The people.... well, there are a few gems! And a few atheists. I have a feeling we are kind of like the democratic populace which used to be a very quiet majority. We don't speak up often so we are hard to find!

And yes, I remember the those trials..... I did wonder at the time, how all that went down.
Know this is an old discussion, but I've been sort of not checking this site in awhile. I'm also a Wenatchee-ite, and so is, of course, my hubs. I have no idea who else is atheist here. I grew up here, left for Montreal for many years, lived in Seattle for almost as long, and now I'm back here in good ol' Wenatchee. The religiosity is a little culture-shock for my husband, who is from Montreal. He had never seen a Jesus fish on a car, nor a religious bumper sticker in his life. Well. One time he saw a Jesus fish drawn on notebook paper, taped to a car. Montreal is the one city in North America with the highest concentration of Jews--but most people there are non-religious (including the Jews). He said he once saw some Jehovah's Witnesses. Ha! We get Seventh-Day's and JW's weekly. We used to get Mormons, but I scared them off (didn't mean to).
As for the Witch Hunt, I left during, but not before I reported real child abuse to the police chief, who brushed it off and made the kid go back into the situation. He was too busy fighting "satanic cult abusers."




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