fHello all!

Hi, I've been here for a few weeks and just realized that I had yet to
introduce myself.  My name is Jeremiah.  I choose not to put my name on
my profile due to my job.  I work at a catholic hospital which uses
Google searches etc on the employees.  In no way would I deny my status
to my superiors if they were to ask, I just don't like to freely offer
up the information directly or indirectly.  I'm sure I'm pretty safe as
when I Google myself, the famous HS basketball player makes up the first
50 pages or so.  I'm a single guy living in Tulsa, OK.  I like to read, write, study new things, video games, movies, music, Guinness, anything fun really. 
My religious upbringing

I was born and raised in Oklahoma.  My father and step mother are
southern baptist, my mother and my late stepfather were pentecostal, and
my grandparents are Methodist.  I was raised southern baptist.  When I
would go to church and such I remember being extremely uncomfortable in
the services.    I would go through the motions, say what I was supposed
to say and then go to the fellowship (dinner).  Church to me was what I
had to sit through to get pizza every Sunday afternoon.  My first
cognitive atheist thought I believe was at summer camp.  I was 16 and I
had been dating a girl from my church for quite some time.  I had fallen in love with her and it was at this summer camp that I realized what love felt like, and that I had
never felt love from god.  When I raised my hands all these years and
sang the songs about loving god and being in love with the word etc i
thought that was love, I finally had something to compare it with, real
love (as real as a 16 year old could get).  From there on out it got
extremely uncomfortable.  My peers were good kids, no drugs, no babies,
none of that crap, just regular kids, yet they would break down crying
like they had committed the murder of jesus themselves.  The extreme
level of brainwashing was very apparent.  From there on out I went to
church only when my parents requested it of me and I did so on my
terms.  Wore what I wanted to, didn't pray, didn't attend special
functions or volunteer anymore.  I felt free, for the first time in my life.

"Losing all hope is freedom."

I enjoy reading the thoughts and musings of like minded people.  This website is full of refreshing views and perceptions.  I hope to interact with all of you at some point in my stay here. 


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Welcome aboard. We are glad to have you.




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