I'm looking for examples of ancient texts that contradict the bible or suggest something that the bible and/or believers don't like, ie, that Jesus was not divine/son of god, etc.

Any of the dead sea scrolls? Any apocryphal gospels or books? Any gnostic or hermetic sources?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hey David,

I actually saw some of the Dead Sea Scrolls at an exhibition in San Diego a few years back. There were stories about the content of the various pieces, and among other things, it was noted that the book of Psalms was the most complete of the early bible books represented. What struck me ( and which i pointed out to my Christen wife, who conveniently ignored it) was a comment I read in the literature that this version of Psalms differed significantly in content and in some other way (which escapes me now) than the version we currently have in the current Bible. This would tend to undermine the claim that this books is God's anointed word coming down to us unchanged through history. Oh course, a current bible scholar could always claim that this early sect of people "got the book wrong", but that seems unlikely given the early date of the writings. I do not remember much beyond that, and you may want to do a search to verify what i am saying, but it certainly is ammunition against the claim about this book being "unerring" -Just thought you might find that interesting. Take care

Any of the Gnostic sources. Any sources on the Arian controversy as they did not believe in the trinity. the First Council of Nicaea @ 325 CE was set up to deal with followers of Arius. 

Alternative gospels such as the Gospal of Judas (which has no resurrection btw)  or the Gospel of Thomas.

Sources and definitions can be found at: 


For secondary sources anything by by Bart D. Ehrman. 


The problem with quoting Gnostic sources though, is that informed Christians will point out that these are much later documents which put their theology before the evidence even more than the other gospels do.

Truth be told, they're right. The Gospel of Judas etcetera are interesting reads, but due to their date and the clear influence of later evolved Gnostic theology, their ability to tell us anything about the historical Jesus or even just contradict the other Gospels is very limitied. Most Christians aren't going to be impressed by that.

Bart Ehrman is a better suggestion, along with Geza Vermes or Paula Frederiksen. They do a really good job of showing the historical and Jewish context of early Christian belief, and how they evolved into the more advanced versions of Christology which we see in the later documents. Ultimately that's the way to debunk Christianity at its core.

The downside is that it's a long and rather complicated set of reads, not a quick stumper or anything like that. But hey, that tends to be the case with serious topics.

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