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A dear friend of mine who is also an atheist recently lost his mother and a mutual friend of ours, both to cancer.  I'm putting together a little box of condolences for him, but I'm quickly discovering the coping-with-death market is dominated by religion.  I'm trying to avoid any reference to an afterlife because it seems like it would be cruel and callous.  I'm giving him The Year of Magical Thinking by Didion, and I'm trying to make a mix tape that he can listen to and cry it out but by the end feel a little bit better.  So far, I have Dan Savage's May 1st appearance on This American Life, Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", and 7 seconds' "Mother's Day" .  I wanted to fill the rest with something sweet and easy on the ears, like the Ink Spots or Leonard Cohen.  Maybe toss in an Eels song or the Mountain Goats, the kind of music that has the potential to be really heartfelt.  He's a big Elvis Costello fan. 

I figured someone on here would have some suggestions, or know these artists like the back of your hand and pop up with the most appropriate song.  I'd really appreciate any input or suggestions of songs that are genuinely touching but not awful. 


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I'm not sure if you want to/can change the title of the thread, but I don't really associate punk music with "easy on the ears" :). I also don't think of the artists you listed as punk, but, hey, to each his own.

I think that the Eels "Trouble with Dreams" may be good for your purposes. "Novocaine for the Soul" is a great song, but may not be appropriate due to the "before I sputter out" lyric.

Some relatively slower songs by punk bands include the Buzzcocks "What Do I Get?" and The Clash "Lost in the Supermarket".

For newer, pop-punk, there's always Green Day. The song "Novocaine" may be good (no mention of sputtering out in that one).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for answering me. There are plenty of slow punk songs, it's just the Adverts didn't make enough records to be on every mix I make. I guess I wanted punk because that's what is in my music library, but goth is more appropriate.

I think I got this down. I used the Smith's "Asleep", the Eels "I need sleep", Elvis Costello's "The Birds Will Still Be Singing", the Ramone's "Take away the pain", 7 second's "Mother's day", Queen's "A Winter's Tale". I don't know if Mathew 25:21 by the Mountain Goats is actually a bible reference or if it's too heavy handed. The only problem I have with "I need sleep" is the needless and grating whining the vocalist does. I decided the content didn't matter as much as giving it to him and getting him comfort food and being around.

Thanks again.




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