HELP! I have to talk with a Pastor about Atheism tomorrow!!!!!

I really am sort of freaked out about this whole thing. You guys have always had my back and given me good guidance on here. So please tell me what you would say...

I've daydreamed about how a conversation with my old southern baptist pastor would go... I would give him plenty of facts, he would have no good arguments in return and revert to his poor excuses for arguments he has used a thousand times before. But I did not think my dad would actually set up a meeting for me with the pastor after I mentioned how I could set the pastor straight the other day. Sigh...

I don't want to turn down this opportunity though. I'm curious of what he will say about some things and I'm wondering how well I can do holding up my end of the argument as well. Who knows... Maybe both of us will get something useful out of our conversation.

So here it is. If you were face-to-face with a southern baptist pastor you didn't really know, what would you say to him about atheism vs christianity?

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The responses here are great; can't add much. I wouldn't worry about details; he may twist you up on that. Just get across to him that you find comfort in the real world, and not the supernatural world.

I think you should pray about it.

HA!  :D

Roland... you are totally taking the wrong view of this whole thing. I'm a college student, nearing graduation. I've been debating with my christian parents a lot since I got back home for summer break. My dad arranged for me to have a meeting with the pastor. I didn't turn down the opportunity because I love a challenge. Also, I wanted a religious debate with someone with a lot more experience to put up a stronger fight for Christianity. My religious family and friends just avoid my arguments against Christianity. Granted, I was a little disappointed of how flawed the pastor's arguments were. I didn't expect good arguments, but I expected them to be better than what he gave me.

And I live me life completely for me... Playing with fire is just my style. And trust me... when you're in the bible belt and you're an atheist... it's fire.

Actually... That is something I've been approaching..... Let me explain. So, ever since I got back here for the summer, there has been a lot of religion debate. I haven't really debated these things with christians I knew before. But it's getting a little........ Too much, annoying, pointless, dragging on... etc. So I've decided I should drop the whole thing. Problem is, my whole family doesn't know I'm an atheist yet. So... maybe I'll manage to spread the word soon. I do feel obligated to do the case for christ though, since it was a deal with the pastor watching an atheist movie on his end. Maybe I'll watch the case for christ movie and then end things with him. But I really do see myself ending these debates in the near future.

Hi Keri,

Like you, my christian  family doesn't know I am an atheist, although my wife knows I am not really a believer. I also had a a good long time friend who was "born-again" pull out his stack of "the case for Christ" books that he had on hand for all of his non-believer friends. Christians really think Strobel's books are a slam dunk for evidence.Read it and you will see it is really a primer on fallacious argruments. If you do go back to have another discussion with that pastor after reading "the case", it may serve you to first read a few of the excellent critical commentaries on the book that you can find on the web.They do a pretty good job of exposing that book in particular for the fraud that it is. I also think it is a good idea to debate, because if there is the chance you can plant just one small seed of doubt in a believer, then it is worth it.

Hey Mark! Nice thought about planting a seed. I'm not counting on that though since most christians are pretty stubborn and brainwashed. But I have watched the movie for case for christ before. I thought it was all crap before. Problem is, I don't really remember what it's about. So I'm basically gonna review it again and get back to the pastor about WHY it's crap. Lol! But I will definitely check the net too.

don't do shit, they're just looking to make entertainment outta ya if you're who you say u are
fwd them to hell, i mean Richard Dawkins

I'll move on from all of this soon. But I'm not even a fan of Richard Dawkins. I love Bill Maher though!  :D  And a few nobodies on youtube.

I have never had a problem telling someone I do not believe in a god. My family is almost entirely "christian" but I do have one other athiest brother and one who I would deem agnostic. I haven't ever been chastised for not believing so I guess I am lucky that way. I do remember my grandmother getting rather upset for my when she heard I didn't believe in her god because she worried about me. But I was never looked badly upon for my lack of belief. 

That said I do not discuss my lack of belief at work because I own the little shop and I know not to mix any religion/ politics with my paycheck.




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