HELP! I want to be a blues god but the devil won't show up!

They say legendary blues musician Robert Johnson met the devil at a crossroads, and sold his soul for blues fame. As a fan of the blues myself, blues notoriety would rock. Every time I stumble onto a crossroad at midnight, i hop out of my car and look around for the red fella. He never shows up! Is it because I'm ugly? Because I don't believe he exists? This hardly seems fair..

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I have never believed in "big Red" either. I also love blues. Perhaps if I join you at the crossroads at midnight, he'll "bless" us both with skills as blues players.
Yes! We'll have the best band in the land!
It's a very common misconception that the story was about Robert Johnson. In fact, this soul sellng legend was originally about an earlier blues guitarist named Tommy Johnson (no relation). Everybody knows the story and nobody remembers Tommy nowadays it ends up being atached to Robert Johnson, because more people are familiar with him. didn't really happen to either guy, because there isn't a devil.

Robert Johnson does, however have several different graves in various places and no one seems to agree on which one he's in. Folks have a hard time agreeing on how he died as well. My favorite death story has him being poisoned by a jealous lover while onstage. He is said to have colapsed and crawled about ten feet before finally dying on the honky tonk floor.
Wow thanks for clearing that up, that's an awesome story. I had heard of Tommy Johnson, but only the part about the mysterious death. I was merely musing about el diablo, of course i know he's fictional. :)
haha nice, I like this thanks brother. That's a good plan to hone my blues harmonica skill. I'll be on stage at Buddy Guy's Legends in no time
Play something you love, and the practice doesn't seem like a chore. I am honing my ukulele skills, preparing for the day the devil challenges me to a uke-off for my soul. I could really use a golden ukulele.

Of course given the nature of the instrument, we'd probably just go to the beach, drink a few beers, hang out and jam.
Right on, I have much love for the uke! Hit me up if you and big red decide to chill on the beach, i'll tag along for a jam session con muchos cervesas!
You mean I have to actually learn how to read music and play an instrument to be blessed by Big Red? I thought standing at the crossroads at midnight would be enough. Jebus! It's back to playing the CD player for me.




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