how do i tell my family im athest

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Dunno. How do we tell you are an "athest"? Your profile is blank, we have no idea who you even are to begin with.
srry its filled out now
If all else fails, you could try words. If that won't work, I suggest writing it on a sticky note and sticking it to the refrigerator.
Off the top of my head?

1. Use pages of the family Bible to roll your joints

2. Send them a candygram

3. Hire a sky-writer to draw "God Is Dead - deja hodge" over their house

I could probably think of more if pressed
i am still just a kid, i dont wanna get kicked out and not get shunned
You are young and still living at home I am assuming, and are dependent on your families suffrage for the basics of food and shelter.

Personally unless there is a extremely compelling reason for you to out yourself to your family, I would advise waiting. There is plenty of time, you are still growing and in many ways still defining the person you are going to be. Why add an extra burden to your life at this point if you can avoid it.

Continue to get an education and plan for the future. A persons college years are a great time to establish your independence. At that point what you say to your family will have less of an impact on your own ability to go forward with what you want to do, and be the person you want to be.

If you get frustrated from time to time, well there is always A|N, and I am sure the community here wouldn't mind you venting off steam.

One final word of advice, if Deja Hodge is your real name, and you want to keep your atheism on the down-low from your parents, change your name here to an alias so that you will not show up in a simple google search.


p.s. there is also the Young Atheists group here on A|N as well if you are looking for some peers to talk to as well.
im just so sick of waking up early for church every sunday then getting yelled at when i fake sick + now that i ave a summer job she expects me to pay tithes and offering which is like $50 >.< i have plans for that money how do i talk her out of doing that???
I apologize for my previous reply. Your initial post made it difficult to tell where you were coming from and it was obviously a joke.

As others have said, as a minor you are in a difficult position that realistically will not change until you become an adult and become independent. I highly suggest that you start reading as much as you can in order to arm yourself against the religious onslaught that you receive from your family and at church. There are many book lists posted here and other places.

With regards to your own money and tithe, however, I'm not sure what to suggest. If possible you should get your own bank account and try to have your income deposited there before any family members have a chance to touch it. It may be legally impossible for you to prevent your family taking your money. You could seek advice from other Virginia residents to find out what your legal rights are. You could then print out those rights and show them to your family members along with other well written statements which support your position. Realize that this might backfire, though, by causing your family to become more strict or worse.

Here is a possible alternative. Tell your family that you do not accept that paying tithe is your obligation. If you are required then you will give them, directly, 10% of your income and you will view it as 'rent' and that they may do with it what they wish. This may place them in a morally awkward position and cause them to reconsider.

Adults will not, and cannot, easily accept the position of a minor for many reasons. You are still in a developmental and impressionable point in your life and what you think today will evolve and may even drastically change. Your only defense is to educate yourself and present your position as an adult would.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus and good luck with your family.
If you are a kid, and don't want to get kicked out or shunned. you may have to suck it up. In other words you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. The money you earn is your own, and you can refuse to tithe. Perhaps just hint that you might be losing faith, and see how it goes.

If you really are atheist, then you accept that there is no god, and that you will not be punished by "God". Realise too that this is your life, and your only life. You won't go to hell, or heaven. You won't meet the relatives or friends after death, so make the most of this life.

You do need to be yourself, but you do not need to be a martyr. If you are afraid of your family, and life without them, you can live in the closet. You can come out to them when you are older, stronger and more self reliant. In the meantime, I suggest that you relate to other atheists, via web sites like this one. There are quite a few. You would need to keep your internet activity secret, if you want to keep your atheism private from your parents.

There are a number of things you can do to achieve that. You can get software to cover your tracks, and to blank your screen if someone comes into your room unexpectedly. This is a bad situation for you, and it is not your fault. Like the rest of us atheists, you are an OK person. You are under stress, and this is playing havoc with your mind.

Once you feel safer and have some control over your situation, that stress and mind problem should improve. Inside your own head, you can do whatever you choose, even keep what is private, private, (call it lie if you will, but don't blame yourself). Share with people who you know will be supportive. Be true to yourself. Good luck.

P.S. Ignore my advice if it does not suit you.
yea well i guess i should just wait till i at least go to collage




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