I post daily atheist quotes on Facebook that are always met with opposition and I certainly dont mind a good debate, but my debating skills aren't the best and I'm usually a warrior instead of a diplomat because I tend to be a little overly emotional about it at times and come across kind of harsh or brash. At this point I'm greatly outnumbered by christians who are friends and family that keep trying to shut me up. anyone interested in adding me on Facebook and joining in the debate my name is Zac Polk and I'm from st. Louis. Id be glad to have you as we are all one big family here anyway. Thanks!!


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No, I haven't seen that one. I have recently developed a mild addiction to the Atheist Experience, and found that the Non-Prophets podcast doesn't satisfy the same urge, so I will be glad to have something else to check out when I run out of AE.

Hmm, I really enjoy Non-Prophets, too, just in a different way.  They're both very entertaining, at times, just for different reasons.


The Atheist Experience is more slapstick, with the theist callers, and the learning component of that is learning the specific, logical objections to pretty much every theistic argument.  It's a good crash course, before you go out to debate theists, yourself.


Non-prophets is better from a general, news perspective, on things that are important to us, that are going on around the world.


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