Help pick a name for my blasphemous, anti-religious apocalyptic thriller!

I'm working on an epic novel divided into a series - the working title is "The Bible, Part II". It's basically "Left Behind" but with the antichrist as the protagonist who fights back against God's invasions and finds a way to save humanity.


However, while the content will eventually lead to a harsh criticism of faith (in the book, Christianity is a complex breeding system to produce meek and humble slaves for an alien race), I'd rather not show all my cards with such an outlandish title.


Instead I'd like to find a name for the series and a name for the titles that is more ambiguous, but so many names have been taken. Aliens/fallen angels, a breed of superhuman hybrids, a human revolution against a colonizing alien power, mixed with religious history, corrupt church power, vampires (Jesus giving his blood for eternal life of followers, etc.)..... Book 1, 2 and 3 are basically "beginning, middle and end".


Need some kickass names. If you supply it you'll get signed copies of every book of the series when they're out.

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My wife is tourturing her self trying to find a title.  Here is one of a few recommendations that I have.  "Lucifer's Last Stand"
Thanks to you both! Keep thinking, I haven't found anything I'm happy with yet. The main character/antichrist will probably release Satan/Lucifer from hell, but Lucifer won't be a main character (he might not even be conscious... not sure yet). :)

It is HARD finding a title that isn't already taken.  And everything I came up with that wasn't taken was total cheese.  Sorry. . . got nothing.  

I do want to say that I loved Jesus Potter Harry Christ, so I'm betting this is going to be a great series.  Awesome plot!  I can't wait till it comes out!

Thanks Tracy! I love hearing feedback. This is my first shot at fiction writing, but next year I have another non-fiction coming out called "Satan is my Hero" which will be great.
Thanks for the feedback! Right now I'm thinking 1="on earth", 2="as it is", 3="in heaven"... but that may be lame, I can't tell. What do you think of these covers?

I don't like a stand-alone prepositional phrase as a title, but it would work great with a noun in front of it.  I think a lot of great titles have used that form, like "The___ on the _____" or "The ____ of the ____".  The series title is great. I had to look it up, but it has a nice ring to it.  





I like the first cover with one exception.  The blood seems overdone.  I would recommend just light splatter that almost blends in with the rest of the picture if any blood at all.  No more than one quarter of the coverage that you presently have.  The rest is sweet.  It looks like it would have a good shot at getting an impulse buyer.

I'll second the vote for the first cover.  The second cover says "This is a peaceful, serene book about the apocalypse", but the first cover says "I'm going to be blowing stuff up", which is much better.

Third Testiment <-- I don't know if this has been used or not...


Or word play:



Third Testament is good but taken.  I'm wondering, though, that because this is part of a series, if you could use a taken title and still have it distinguished from the other books?  If that's the case, then I'll throw in "Dark Messiah" as the title of the first book.  That, or "The Damned" as they are your protagonists.
I like what Nerdlass suggested. Those covers are awesome!

Like the first cover.....most eye catching :)

 Just some words that were bouncing around my head:

Manuscript scrolls hoodwinked swindle doom design impact effect twisted script reckoning revelation deeds proclamation

How about,

Twisted Revelations…..the final act!!!

Have fun: )




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