Dear friends and comrades in the true belief, ATHEISM

I'm sorry that I'm obliged to write this message, but the situation oblige me. I reach into a VERY DIFFICULT financial situation. My brother has traheotomie and evasive colon cancer

and the expenses with the medication and the surgeon operations failed and indebleted me with more than 25 000 euro, till now. So that I bag the people to help me with how much money they want. But, because I'm not a beggar, I reward the humane and generous givers, those who love art,

with ones of my oil paintings, that you can see on Google /

Podelean Ioan / link) ,or I paint their portrait,or other subjects. This message IS NOT an advertisement for selling my paintings. I show you a photo

with my brother and his medical documents, if is necessary. Please, help me! If you agree that, please send an e-mail at, or call me to +40 0766564394.

Thank you!

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