Hi gang. I've nosed around and read a lot and now I hope you can help me learn the "inside" stuff.

Is there a way to just view content added since my last visit? How do I connect with subgroups? I played in bands for 25 years and I'm a lifelong diabetic so I'd like to connect to members with those interests among others.

Thanks in advance. I'm an old fart and learning new software from the ground up strains my brain, or what's left.

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The FAQ, which is listed at the bottom of each page in the black bar, is a wealth of information.

Here's how to search for discussions.

You can subscribe to various things on Nexus via RSS.

Here's something about groups.

Here's a group for Atheist Musicians.

Groups for people interested in various kinds of music.

Don't think there's a group for diabetics, but if you make one, people might join.
I find it best to be interested in everything and have an opinion about even more. Then, I verbosely add my half-baked opinions everywhere and, when someone with something actually interesting to say can't help themselves in their need to educate me, I am alerted that they replied and I can read something actually interesting. Of course, that method is not for everyone.





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