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The book “ From Islam To Womanism—my Spiritual Journey," is written by a former Muslim M.A.Hussain turned an atheist humanist. It will take you beyond atheism to a new spirituality, womanism. Books critical of Islamism are needed to be published in native languages in cultural conflicts and value crisis-ridden Europe and the Muslim world where cultural lags and under-development are rampant  to free them from the shackles of Islam and defeat Islamism.

The book  “From Islam to Womanism—my spiritual journey" is the result of my seven years of rigorous study in tribal areas in Sikkim,  North-East Indian state. It is thought-provoking,  pro-woman, humanistic, scholarly, a piece of a creative and critical thinking that will interest general readers as well as academia, the political left and the right, and all those who are interested in Islam. It is not merely about why I renounced Islam; it is also how I became an atheist; why I did not convert to any other religion, what led me to a new spirituality, Womanism. I have propounded theoretical and philosophical foundations of womanism in this book.

The book is worth to be given as a gift to Christian converts to Islam and Muslims aspiring to be atheists. It is better than others on the market, as it is a true story and is a consistently scholarly book.  I have adopted a Non Theologicentric approach in understanding Islam and have treated Islam as RIA(Repressive Ideological Apparatus).

Eight freelance professional translators are engaged in translating my book in their native languages. However, some of these languages need editors/proofreaders.  Furthermore,  due to the paucity of funds very important European languages like German, Polish,  Dutch, and Swedish,  and languages spoken by Muslims like Arabic, Persian, Indonesian have been left out.  I want to get my book translated into these languages also.  After reading the first two chapters of my book, I am sure you will find it worthy to be translated into 14 languages. You can download the first two chapters in English or in your native languages on avantgardepublications. Com

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