My former church still maintains a youth group, which I have described in a previous forum post long ago, and is now on the internet broadcasting their messages. However, one in particular, which occurred just the other Friday evening, piqued my interest as it was titled "The Real Jesus", and was apparently supposed to be a "controversial" look at who popular culture claims Jesus is, who historians claim Jesus is, and then, of course, who Jesus actually is.

I've already noticed quite a few fallacies and errors but, I'm no expert in this matter, and I'm also not quite good enough to write up a full critique of the message. So, this is a request for some assistance in pointing out these errors and ways to respond to the message as a whole. I'm on speaking terms with the "leader" of the group, who's the Pastor's son, and I intend to discuss the matter with him at a later date.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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