So, I've played a game many years ago, maybe it was after the millennium shift, and what you did in the gameplay was that it was very alike Settlers. You built houses and roads, but the setting was Ancient Greece and there were some gods or monsters wandering around. For example, you need to build a temple for Hercules so you can summon him with enough faith to slay a hydra in some demo scenario. Yeah, I know, you probably think it was like Age of Mythology, but it doesn't feel or look right. This game was much more focused on the infrastructure like Sim City or Settlers, you had for example to build aqueducts to make your citizens happy so they wouldn't become sick and die. There was also a population timer.

So, as you probably understood by now, I really wanna try this game again, but I don't know the name! I've been googling like mad on words like "ancient greece game", "gods", "mythology", etc, the closest thing I get are Gods of War, Gods and Age of Mythology. Neither are right.

This is a real-time strategy game that focuses on keeping your citizens happy. It's not like Civilization either, where you get your cities in big blops, but here you have an overview of the main city and all the buildings, and your job is to expand the city as much as possible so you can recruit more gods if I understood it.

Anyway, if someone got any clue at all, oh, how I would so love it :(

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Is it caesar?or one of its many iterations?
caesar 1

caesar 3

however this game is set in ancient rome
Hm yes, that actually does look familiar when watching vids on Youtube! Thank you! I wonder why it didn't occur to me... I was so stuck it was Sid Meier or someone else who developed the game, it is possible I might've played a similar iteration of the game like you said, that needs further investigation.

I cannot express how grateful I am :) !!! That's it! I even recognize the cover art. I just love city planning games and equal, it's the micromanagement that makes them fun, in comparison to games like Civilization that focus too much on advancing in technology. *goes into nerdmode*


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