Hemant Mehta - The Friendly Athiest - on CNN

Yesterday morning, as I'm slurping down my 4th cup of coffee (pssst! don't tell my Dr.), CNN put on their weekly Sunday morning segment called "Faces of Faith." This often involves interviews with the likes of Dr. Eben Alexander whom, having suffered a bout of meningitis,had a fevered delusion of seeing the afterlife and is making $$$ off of a book claiming heaven is real.

I was about to go start the laundry when the announcer said Hemant Mehta of the "Friendly Atheist" website was going to be on. I got my 5th cup, and watched. Glad I did. The interview was with Hemant and evangelical blogger Rachel Evans.  This was a follow up to CNN's online writings of Mehta and Evans debating why Millenials are leaving the church; which fellow A|N Member Loren Miller discussed earlier.

Mehta's summation about religion was concise, and directly to the point. 

"It's not that Christianity is unpopular, it's that it's untrue....and all religion has no merit to it when it comes to the truth"


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My pleasure

"It's not just that christianity is unpopular, It's UNTRUE!"

Damn, man!  Someone finally said it on national television!  FANTASTIC!

Ce n'est pas christianisme est impopulaire, c'est qu'il est faux .... et toute religion a aucun mérite à elle quand il s'agit de la vérité".
Je suis d'accord.
Merci pour la vidéo.

Je suis d'accord. Vous êtes les bienvenus.




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