Atheism’s new clout
Non-believers are becoming increasingly successful fundraisers -- and cultural forces to be reckoned with

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Il est bon d'avoir plus d'influence sociale, mais pourquoi faire semblant d'imiter un organisme de bienfaisance chrétienne et jeter l'argent dans un gouffre sans fond. Demandez aux gens du métier, je suppose? Quoi qu'il en soit, je ne donne jamais à la charité, car toute petite contribution de ma part ne ferait aucune différence pour l'ensemble du régime de choses.

Napoleon, I disagree. First, I don't think donating to something worthwhile is necessarily throwing money into a bottomless pit.  As a "for instance," Médecins Sans Frontières. And, I don't think making a donation is necessarily imitating Christians. A certain amount of Altruism? Yes. But altruism is not a monopoly of Christians, or for that matter, or religions. Besides, it's the sum of the small donations that helps with the social influence that is exerted.

Thanks for posting this, John. I found the same thing at Alternet.

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