Here's the head of the crazy snake in a nutshell thanks NPR! you rock. no matter what Palin n co. says

7 mountains of fascism brought to you by N.A.R. aka police form vatican?

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I listened to this and it was chilling.  Terry Gross sounded like she was about to both laugh and cry. I was frankly flummoxed by the level of ludicrousness that is in our mainstream. Dominionism would be a good thing for the protesters to add to their list. 

My favorite parts if they were kidding:

  • tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan caused by the emperor of Japan having sex with the sun goddess 
  • Democratic Party is a demon structure.
  • ...the Bible says that someday, and don't ask me how this is going to happen because it seems impossible, that all of Israel will ... believe in Jesus;


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