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Hahahaha! James, I love this! Where can I send the happy couple a wedding gift? I know, in care of Newt, until they get back from the honeymoon. After all, Newt's been married three times. He'll know the right time to give it to them. Mazel Tov to the happy couple.

I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!

Paul Ryan is into CROSS-DRESSING!!!

Hey Loren, Does this count as polygamy? I mean, Romney is a Mor(m)on, after.

Actually, the funny part is that Ryan is just too butch, what with that perpetual, Nixon-like 5 o'clock shadow, to be any "good" at transvestism.  I think I will write him with some tips.  I suspect he will want to spend thousands of dollars and many long hours at the electrolysists' having those stubs plucked, one by one.  But there is an easier way, a cream he can rub into it and make it "go away" once the foundation is applied.  When I saw this PhotoShop, I almost lost consciousness from laughing so loud.  It's just too, too absurd.  I think he can go on the Ru Paul show and really have some fun.  (That's it! He shall from now on be known as Ru Paul Ryan.  I'm busting a gut.)  As for Mittens, he is clueless. He would not know a TV from Frommer, and would be one of those johns who, having "gone" with "her" would wind up in a lowdown hotel room expressing incredible surprise once the dress is off and the panties down, and lo and behold....!  My God!, a penis!

I could see this on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Excellent James.

The worst thing about these two jokes is they will get some 50 million votes.  There is no hope for reason when that many idiots exist in the U.S.  Thank goodness there are a few more intelligent thinkers who will vote Democratic.

Unfortunately, these 50 million are proud to be idiots and like to bash the intelligent.  Apparently, intelligence is out of style.

It's not just that intelligence is out of style; it's contrary to the GOP's interests and goals.  If you're smart enough to recognize what is going on, you're likely smart enough to see through their BS and deceptions.  That either means they want you out NOW before you can tell someone else or they want you in the inner sanctum of the party so that you can construct schemes to fool others.

Charming, no?  (No, actually, about as "charming" as a dead frog)




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