It's a miracle, or so say two Spanish researchers Margarita Torres and José Ortega del Rí­o. They've uncovered an incredible find in the St. Isidore Basilica in the northern Spanish city of León. Are you ready for this.

Yes folks, we have yet another claim to uncovering a relic once used by the late JC. This particular one involves guzzling some vino during his last formal chow call. That's right. It's the Holy Grail!

What began as research into Islamic remains in the Saint Isidore basilica transformed into a quest for the chalice when the pair discovered ancient Egyptian documents mentioning the cup. The documents described the cup being taken by Muslims from Christians in Jerusalem. It was then given to an emir on Spain's Mediterranean coast, after which it eventually fell into the hands of the Christian King Ferdinand I of Castile.

The onyx vessel is contained within another antique cup called the Chalice of Doña Urruca.

Torres and del Rí­o have no doubt that the cup is the Holy Grail. They say their research is backed by scientific dating which places the cups creation between 200 BC and 100 AD.

They admit that there is no way to confirm whether the cup actually touched Christ's lips, but they are sure that it is the cup revered as such by ancient Christians. 

They admit there is no way to confirm this, but as one commentator I listened to said, "It's a little suspicious when one side of the cup has a Captain America picture and the other side a Burger King logo."  I've heard it said that if one gathered all the nails sold as those used in the crucifixion, you'd have enough metal to build a battle ship. Maybe if we gather up all the true Holy Grails, we'd have enough cups to provided all the partiers at Spring Break kegger in Cancun.

Article here.

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The holy grail ? Such has been sort after for millennia as told by Monty Python.

So these guy's think they've found the same cup which was believed to be the holy grail in history. The cup is a dubious piece of shit with a price on it.




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