It was a miracle. The host said it was incredible, a sign. Interestingly the cross that remained standing in Joplin when all those churches and the entire town was flattened and 70 people killed was also a sign. He doesn't say of what. I was say any god that would leave a sign like that is has a wicked and perverse sense of humor.

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They know that their god also caused all the destruction and misery but are too afraid to blame him because they think he will then flatten them also.  (I remind them of this any chance I get.)
"I'm 'god'™ and I like crosses a shitload better than I like human beings.  I'm also partial to dracunculiasis, schistomiasis, and various cancers which man, in his pride, is trying to undermine.  Screw you people; at least I have my symbol of torture and death."




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