I put this here because I wanted to see how people would react. If it needs to be moved or something, I'll do it.

Back story: Over the month of July, I was taking part in a camp for autistic teenagers. It lasted 4 weeks, Monday to Friday,
1-5 PM. The first week, we had 8 people and 3 Camp leaders. The second
week, we had 2 people and 1 leader. The third week, we had 6 people and
two camp leaders, which were the same of the first week. The 4th and
final week, we had 2 members and a camp member, who was also present
the previous week.
Note: The numbers of camp members all include me.

Onto my story. On Wednesday, I was in the Camp leaders, named Aaron,
car with the other teen, named Henry, driving back to our meeting place
because our day was over and we spotted a seemingly attractive woman.
They both remarked she seemed Asian but I claimed she seemed Native
American. Aaron came out and said "She's not native! Native women
aren't really attractive!" I was shocked at the racist arrogant thing
he said.
On Thursday, Henry was saying how science is hard. I said that science
is awesome because it gives an answer to everything. Aaron heard what I
said and immediately told me "No it doesn't! Oh don't tell me you
believe in evolution." He proceeded by saying that he hated Darwin. I
kept myself silent.
On Friday, we were heading towards the local IMAX for our activity of
the day and we were discussing how bees die after stinging someone and
Aaron said "That's another reason why I can't believe some people don't
believe in god because it's God judgment towards that one bee for
stinging that innocent person." He seriously said that. I'm dead

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I would have had an instant comeback (and I don't usually get those): how come other stinging insects, like yellowjackets, can sting people as much as they please without dying?
I said that it was probably because they won't go down without a fight. I know that that isn't the reason but hey, he's was much more incorrect than I was. and why would he kill a bee for stinging a human. There's famine all over the world and he doesn't stop that, but he punishes a bee for stinging someone?


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