Seen that truck numerous times, finally caught em' in the act of scaring kids and me!

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"Cain's biological dad was the Devil himself."

Whatever you say, Crazy Man!
LMFAO at "God doesn't believe in Atheists" - does he see thats kind of a GOOD THING in our case? We don't think he exists so, why not be on equal non-believing terms? XP
I think this idea much better, I'd rather be under the divine radar anyway, HA lol
God's an atheist anyway. He knows everything so he doesn't have faith; he can't die so he doesn't believe in life after death. And since he's omnipotent he doesn't believe in a higher power. He's an atheist!
This kind of thing is so embarrasing to me... like watching an obviously mentally ill person peeing on themselves in the gutter. You want to help them... but how?
There's a lot of hate and ignorance riding in the back of that pick-up truck. I wouldn't approach it. Whoever owns this vehicle seems like the kind of person who would only talk over you in a discussion on faith.
Here in thisd little town there is one nut job like this with a truck,but he blasts sermons as he drives along..Like he thinks people are paying attention to him and give a shit.
I've been thinking about taking a camera around with me and taking picture of all the cars that have crazy religious bumper stickers.
Here's one hilariou bumper sticker I saw: "What if Mary had an abortion?"

I imagine she'd have been stoned to death just like everybody else.
Or worse: what if no one would kill him!

"Nope, sorry Jesus -- we are NOT going to kill you, and that's that!"

He'd still be walking around today trying to explain that if no one kills him we'd all be damned! And then we would! The irony would be killing us! Literally!
Hey, James... did you take this picture? I'd like to use it in an article if you did.
Yeah sure. You want the original?


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