Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," the former Godfather's Pizza CEO said protests and legal challenges to a planned mosque in Tennessee city are an example of local residents pushing back.

Cain said his view doesn't amount to religious discrimination because he says Muslims are trying to inject Shariah law into the U.S.


This is bad.  I hope the other candidates don't pick up this mantra.  I'm not nuts about Islam, but Muslims have just as much right to practice their religion as anyone else.  I think Herman Cain and his ilk are just sorry they haven't been able to get the christian laws forced on the rest of us. 

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Is he familiar with the constitution?
He says he is.  Apparently his reading comprehension skills aren't up to par.
Where I agree with Cain is that I, too, do not want Sharia law. Where I part ways with those pandering to the Christian right-wing nut jobs is that neither do I do want Christian law, Buddhist law, Judaic law, Hindu law, or any variants or versions of the aforesaid magic rules.

Interesting note about the article. "Cain said his view doesn't amount to religious discrimination..." That's probably true since these ignorant imbeciles don't know how to discriminate. If you put an unmarked glass of burgundy and cabernet sauvignon wines in front of me, and by tasting, I can tell the difference, I would be described as having "discriminating taste." In other words, I can tell the difference. These idiots can't tell the difference between a loyal, tax paying and law abiding Muslim American business person, from a jihadist. And, they don't want to know the difference. They peddle their fear and ignorance as bait to troll the rubes for votes.

He's not discriminating. He's just a plain old common ever day bigot.

Wash Post via The Root Cain'scomments are called bigotryand compared to racism.     The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson says his reasoning sounds a lot like the arguments bigots of generations past used to make about black people -- and it's no less ridiculous.


GOP is all about scapegoating and religious social engineering.   For the most part, they are using Jesus in ways that would make the Pope jealous, all for political gain.

Remember, Cain is the same idiot who said he would limit the length of a piece of legislation to a maximum of three pages. Not sure if he was using his "executive" experience of drawing up pizza menus, or just batsh&t crazy. When Jon Stewart mocked him for his three page comment, Cain said he didn't really mean what he said in a literal form. Well, he said it during the first GOP presidential debate on national tv...guess that doesn't count.
Jon Stewart was so funny in the defense of that particular show where he did a montage of all the impersonations he had done over the years:  all sorts of people of different races and ethnic backgrounds just to make sure he showed he was being 'balanced' in his mockery....not prejudicial against Herman Cain in particular.  (I think Fox News had come out and accused Stewart of being a racist or some other nonsense.)
I am from Murfreesboro, TN and all of my family lives there. I remember driving by the planned mosque's sign on their property almost daily to vist my grandmother. One day the sign was covered in graffiti with "Not welcome". One day, it was broken in half. Another day, the Imam had to call the police and report gunshots nearby. I hate what my hometown has become known for. My grandfather is actually in a photo at the Herman Cain rally there. I always said I would raise my kids and grow old there...Now I see that's not possible. Thanks to Fox News, Christian Talk Radio, etc. just about the entire town has turned into a paranoid, racist, homophobic, overly-zealous patriotic, gun-toting, redneck-infused mass intolerant of any diversity...well the Baptists don't mind a Lutheran church here or a Church of Christ there..but that's the extent of it. 
I wouldn't ban mosques but I would sure in hell be sure that all mosques are continuously monitored. The mosque is the haven for local homegrown terrorist elements to be recruited and even trained if the mosque has an anti-American mullah or imam.
Well you'd better start monitoring Christian church services as well because many of our 'homegrown' terrorists sprouted from Jesus soil.

False - Christians don't resort to terrorism. Sure, you get the very rare abortion killer - but when individual Christians resort to the rare abortion bombing or killing an abortion doctor - they are shunned by other Christians in the community. They are not glorified and given high status or considered martyrs when they are executed. In fact - they go to jail for life or face execution (although I am against the death penalty). Individual acts do not constitute what Islamic terrorism is - acts on a global scale by terrorists and the organizations they are a part of.

And when bibles are burned or people make fun of Jesus - their feelings might be hurt but they don't go cut heads off or resort to terror.

Case in point: Woman Destroys Controversial Jesus Art in Colorado and she is the one arrested and the exhibit of gay Jesus was repaired and went back on in display. A Pastor in Florida threatens to burn a quran, heads are being cut off at the United Nations in Afghanistan. Cartoons are drawn - Muslims act like savages. Imagine instead of a gay Jesus exhibit it was a gay Muhammad exhibit....what do you think the result would have been??

You cannot even compare Christianity to Islam in regards to primitiveness, oppressive, and violent. It is not comparable. The Christians have Jesus Christ, the "all-forgiving" guy who "died for their sins" who didn't kill a fly - to the pedophile, child molesting, genocidal maniac that was Muhammad. In addition, to be a true Muslim - you must accept the entirety of the quran to be the word of "god" to Muhammad in a cave. Most Christians do not believe the entire bible is the word of "god" including very high ranked pastors including the Pontiff - Christians for the most part acknowledge that the bible was written over centuries by a variety of scribes - they take the stories of the bible as "lessons" and "parables" - and we haven't even touched upon the Hadith.


I don't know if you know but I am "born" Muslim - a punishment in which I should be executed under Islamic law for having left Islam. I am Iranian and have spent considerable amounts of time in Iran - have read both the bible and quran and have studied the hadith. Simply said, Christians had the Dark Ages, Reformation, and Enlightenment periods. Islam has not had it and I am afraid is incapable of it at the current time as again - to be a Muslim, a true Muslim, you must always claim to believe the entirety of the quran to be magical and literal.

While not all Muslims are bad people, Islam is inherently a fundamentalist and dogmatic religion like no other that leads to the path of jihad and violence. Fortunately for us - most Muslims (especially in the United States) don't take their faith seriously and would be called apostates by those who do take their faith seriously.

I would be interested in hearing your opinion about the Arab Spring phenomenon and the uprisings in the Middle East by young people that want to enter the modern world but retain ethnic pride in being Muslim...not the jihadist version that Westerners fear, but the peaceful version. 


Like many Americans, I am not in contact with any American Muslims in my daily life nor am I knowledgeable about their religious customs...but I have to believe that you cannot really compare American Muslims to the Muslims living in the governments and economic systems of the Middle East or in Asia.  Aren't we being prejudiced to say that all Muslims are 'anti-American' or a threat to 'the American way of life' (whatever THAT is)?  A lot of what the terrorists have done has been based on a revenge motive...retaliation for what was perceived to be done by the West and by our support of Israel.  A lot is economically based, as well. 


I certainly don't mean to sympathize with Islamists, who kill indiscriminately and incite terror in the name of their religion but making the assumption that mosques in America breed terrorists sounds like an overstatement.  The American 'way of life' to me is freedom of expression and protection of civil liberties...even religious group membership....without the fear of government intrusion.  Minority religions should get the same protection under the law as those in the majority.  Equal protection.






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