I'm not sure were this best fits (Comedy, coming out atheist, etc.)so I'll drop it here..
Recently my 11 year old son has been forced to consider a lot of life changing issues. Over the last few months he's discovered that I'm not his biological father and that I don't believe in the existence of a god. Since he is extremely close to my wife's parents he was deeply influenced by their Christianity.
He has chosen not to tell his brothers about the "father" situation in fear that they would use it against him. We respect that for now.
He's come outside with me when I have my marathon discussions with the Witnesses and Mormons. Of course, this has led to private discussions with me about religion. He's learned to think for himself. My wife, since she's met me has gone from a theist to agnostic. (though she says she don't believe, I'm not so sure.)
Recently I overheard a conversation Joshua was having with his brothers...
"He's not MY father! In fact, he's a bastard."
Of course, this got my attention and I listened intently to see where this was going.
"Josh, he is too your father, he's everyone's father.....the bible says so!" said Wes.
"How can He be my father? I know who my father is."
"Yeah, Daddy" said Alex.
Josh hesitated but agreed. Then he said, "Think about it. Why would you call someone your father when they don't know what a father is? He's a bastard! And he'd be crazy to think that I'd accept him as my dad just because he said too. Daddy is the only father that I'll accept."
God is a bastard. Joshua has earned more respect from me than he'll know. Not only did he use the term correctly, he used his own mind to make a sound decision.

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Ah, sweet victory! My son was watching 'Ghost Hunters' with us when all of a sudden he turned to me and asked (and I quote) "Why are we watching this? It's bullshit". As my spouse and I tried to stifle our laughter, we agreed and changed the channel.
It seems our two boys would get along. When his grandmother died, his brothers and cousins would make comments about her looking down or even helping on occasion. I didn't think what he might have thought until I caught him rolling his eyes and physically biting his lip.
Haha, pretty funny story. It sounds like he looks up to you quite a lot.
Good point. Normally I would see his presence as an annoyance. As if he was just there to make himself feel like an adult during conversations. I guess he's shown me that he really is learning something from it all.
That is truly epic. I had to attend church for my father's born again baptism(I only did it because I love him...) and it kind of hurt me to see all the children rounded up for Sunday school. It's terrible that these kids have no say in what to think! Many props on letting your young one find out for himself, such wisdom so young is fantastic!
While my great-grand-parents tried to raise me catholic when they had me I got tossed out of Sunday school in the first grade because I used the bible to prove that god was a hypocrite. They didn't like that much. When my mom got me back at my age of 7 she told me to figure out what to believe for myself. She wasn't going to guide my religion especially since she didn't and still doesn't believe in anything like that. My whole family is atheist now I think. I would have to ask my uncle to be sure.
While I have no children of my own I must say this story is PRICELESS!!
You got to him early, nice job. He will see the world in a whole new light. Congrats Daddy.




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