Just saying hi!

I was happy to find this site today while stumbling and decided to join up. I've never belonged to an atheist community before (never really looked for one). I have found that as an atheist I have to explain myself to religious types and often times dispel some really weird rumors surrounding us (atheists). Glad to have found a community where that isn't necessary :)

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Welcome! Great to have you aboard!
Welcome to our community. I hope you take time to look around and make yourself comfortable.
welcome mate
enjoy the new enviroment trust me you feel abit better having a place of refuge here from bible nuts and we can always help you refine you debating tecnique if you want.
Hi,and welcome.
It's a nice forum,I thonk you will enjoy it.
Hey and welcome to A|N!
thanks all for the warm welcome :)
I'll drink to that! Huzzah!!




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