Its good to be here, I'm a recent member of AAI and found this site through it. I feel glad to have access to a community of like minded people allowing for discussion on secularism and non-believer ideals.

A bit about myself i was raised roman catholic in Ireland and really believed in god and an afterlife for quite some time though i never really gave much though to them or even considered questioning them. i just accepted what i was told and then moved on in life.

Yet as he became more intellectually curious i began to read more and once i was opened to the astounding discoveries science has made in just the last century, the beauty of these unbreakable natural laws, the immensity of deep time and space and the wonder that we know all this and still have sop much more to discovery. I became at that point an agnostic but still took a respectful view of religion and just didn't think of it much again

Yet in the last few months i have started reading a lot more on religious criticism, Hitchens was the first to open my eyes to these things and since then i've gone through watching my religious debates and read many books and articles to the point where i would not consider myself very anti-theist. I feel now that a strong view has to be taken against religious belief. i don't agree with the apologetic atheist who says we should just let them get along with there delusions. A stand has to be taken in the world for reason and sanity and i for one will take that stand! 

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Welcome John

Good on you as long as their is no Military stance on it. We all need to challenge their hypocrisy.




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