I'm new to this whole atheist/agnostic lifestyle. But as far as I can tell atheist nexus is a warm welcoming website. I found it while I was searching for celebrity atheists (lol)..I do still attend church but the reason why I attend it is out of respect of my mother who is a devout christian, she doesn't know that I don't believe in god because I haven't told her yet, but she may have an idea that I don't believe especially after what happened a couple nights ago. I joined this website and a couple other atheist websites to get better understanding in what I'm going through. Honestly I don't really know what I believe in which is why I'm an agnostic...I want to become an atheist though if that helps.

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Welcome Ricky! Love your Huey icon.
Thank you so much! I'm a fan of Huey..lol
Have to say you've got my interest perked. What happened last night that could have gone so bad?
Me & my mother had a long discussion about the bible. It didn't go to well..the bible and it's stories are some of the reasons why I question it.
Welcome to A|N Ricky.

One word of advice if I may, I saw from your profile that you are still in the non-theist-closet. Posting with your real name probably isn't a good idea if you wish to maintain some kind pf anonymity. Most of A|N is open to the public and to Google searches as well, and Google never forgets. If Ricky isn't your real name then disregard this and join in the fun.
Thank you! It isn't my real name! lol
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you. There are an abundance of special interest groups here to choose from. Enjoy.
Thank you much!




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