I hate introducing myself, but here goes:

I was born into an Irish Catholic family in Brooklyn, NY and attended Catholic schools. I even went on to the seminary. I wasn’t looking to become a priest, necessarily - I just wanted some answers. I asked lots of (apparently difficult) questions and offered lots of my (apparently controversial) ideas and was eventually asked not to return because I was deemed “a threat to the moral fiber” of the school. Kinda proud of that, actually.

Thing is, I believed in god and everything, I had read the Bible over and over in an effort to understand it, but there were just too many inconsistencies for me to get my head around. I didn’t (and still don’t) understand why the Catholic church (or any religion, really) functions as it did so long ago and I had serious issues with some of the basic tenets of Catholicism and nobody was able to answer me. So I walked away from it all. I don’t miss it. And my head feels better.

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It is always good to feel better. :)

Welcome to the Nexus and kindred spirits.
Thanks for the welcome, Sarah! (I've always liked that name and the h-at-the-end-spelling)
Welcome, Des. I also got legally ordained (by mail) in my effort to "leave no stone unturned", just in case ordained preachers really did know something the laity didn't know. Turned out, most of the ordained preachers know the whole thing is BS, but a cool way to get big bucks without working, lol. Glad your head feels better.
Thanks ESL.
One of the things that kept bugging me was all the times in the Bible where it tells you to not store up treasure on earth and give all your money to the poor, yet churches take money from the poor to buy land to set up churches to get more poor people dollars. Not right at all.




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