My name is Bill, get ready for this: I am an 75 years old, Gay,with a life partner of 35 years, a confirmed Atheist, mostly Democrat, insatiable reader. I am honored to be asked to join like thinkers here and will do my best to visit often and post comments worth reading...:)

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Welcome Bill!

Looking forward to your input here on the forum!
Welcome. I'm sure I have some subtle freedoms to thank you for - O pioneer!
Major social changes take a long time to come to fruition. It is hard for younger people to visualize how it was for us, both Gay and Atheist just a short time ago. I can remember when Gay bars (in chicago) were all owned by Police officers and tucked away behind another bar with the entry way in the alley. We could not have dreamed of the possibility of having a Gay Parade, or not being terrified of anyone finding out.
Atheists have seemingly just begun this long climb to acceptance in a similar way. But we have the advantage of having the 4 Horsemen as our spokesmen. We had M.M. Ohare who was vilified in the press, spoken of as a Devil on radio and generally hated by all. Today Dennet, Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens carry the flag to new heights, not believed a decade or two ago. I proudly wear my Dawkins Tee Shirt and dare anyone to make a negative comment on it. You have never seen a rabid senior citizen go to work. :)
Hi Kid, I am still puzzling how my getting the Federal Rights of marriage will destroy Rev. Felps's blissful marriage. By the way how does he know, in detail, how Gay sex is performed, Doth he protest too much. :)
Welcome to A/N!
Ryan, thanks you for the welcome, I like most of us, i guess, have joined about a zillion interesting sites. It is hard to keep up with what, and where, I missed a comment, but promise to try to keep up. The fact that someone kind, like you, reads and responds, makes me put a star on this one to be sure to come back often....thanks Ryan....bill




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