Better get busy. It's coming early this year!

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Armageddon tired of waiting for it.

Yes, that wonderful war on Easter. This is the wonderful time when new life starts quicker than you can say rigor mortis. Since Jesus only got resurrected once we celibrate this time with an Easter Bunny who lays magic eggs. Since children love candy, the bunny laid candy eggs for them. Somebody laid a big egg with the whole idea.

"No, Charlie. Put those down. You can't eat that and it's not candy."

Every year at Easter I have a dream where Jesus is holding the Easter Bunny and the rabbit has a basket. Both of them are waving at me. It's only a dream but I think someone slit a rabbit's throat and threw him in the hole with Jesus that day. They go together to remind us of new life. That's what it's all about.

What about the old life? Let's fight to keep the Easter Bunny in Easter. We can't let others win and take away our holiday.

"Somebody laid a big egg with the whole idea."

LOL  That got a good laugh out of me, Mike.  Thanks!

LOL Mike. Those were also pagan things.

I think the both of you are egg-asperating! [grin!]

I think you all are egg-aggerating!  (smirk)

Joan, if you're not happy here you can egg-xit the conversation.  :)

I am egg-static with this group. 

I'm glad to hear that.   If you decided to leave I would bacon you to stay.

Where has Bill Orally on Fox Noise been?

Watching the GOP comedy show?

Where I work they make a big deal out of Easter. They even had Easter cards for us today. One man called corporate and told them he didn't appreciate it.  Maybe he doesn't believe that rabbit was raised from the dead. I saw the nail prints in his paws.




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