Better get busy. It's coming early this year!

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The checkout at the Walmart pharmacy asked me tonight if I was planing a big Easter. My reply was not really because I am no longer religious. Others over heard that and things got quiet and people looked somber. Then I told them all that it did present a problem. Now what do I do with that Easter bonnet that I bought?

He! He!

Ho, ho.

I hope it has lots of frills upon it!

I'm so glad that Easter is over now. The weather was bad but Charlie came over and brought his kids for the big egg hunt. The kids are all out there in the yard following those rabbits around. I had to stop them and be very strict.

"Little Charlie, put those down. Don't eat those. That's not candy!"

Oh, what do you do with kids on Easter? He must have thought he had found raisins.


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