Better get busy. It's coming early this year!

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Jesus might have a resurrected body but by the Bible his hands never heal up. That's so you will know forever who he is and that he died for you. Well, you will know that he was the one nailed up anyway. Jesus also likes tattoos. In Revelation when he returns riding his horse in the sky, he has writings on his thighs. Somebody up there is a good tattoo artist. Jesus has a whole army of angels riding horses in the sky with him too. You wouldn't expect him to walk from Heaven.

My religious friend says that this isn't true and is all figurative language. What does it figure in to? Why was it written this way? How long will they keep changing this stuff around?

As for Easter, it changes every year with the Spring Equinox. It always does in any calander that you might use. Therefore, you have no clue when Jesus was crucified and when he was resurrected. As for my uncle Charlie, I know when he died. It's the same date every year.

Yes, Yeaster is very real. Just remember that the doctors do have antibiotics.

Mike, you are just on a roll !!   LOL

Now THAT'S a war on Easter!

Jeez, Daniel. Forget about it. Just bury it.

In that case I've  been demented for years. Too much listening to Dr. Demento back in the old days.

Oh, boy.  I'm gonna need 24-hour supervision. 

Three days have not yet passed, Daniel, but I agree with the article's final sentence: Researchers say more work is needed to confirm the findings....

At 85, I'm not yet demented but I am more interested in autobiography than I ever was.

You said you can't think of anything to add so you gave us a bit of autobiography.

What's even harder to believe than the Easter story is that there's a "Hydraulic Press Channel" on YouTube. 

Imagine that Easter and its special meaning was real for a moment. Rather than being told you will not have to die you are told that you will never have to take a crap again. When you realize that you do still crap they send in an apologist to explain that you will not have to crap in the next life. Blessed relief!

Some of the problems are that this crap has changed considerably in my lifetime. There was a time that people lived and then they died. The dead were resurrected either to a life in heaven or hell, and this only after the judgement. Today you do not even lose consciousness, not even for one second. You are instantly in one state or the other.

Today religion is like fast food. Has McDonald's moved into religious doctrine? Whatever it is, it is keeping the masses happy.

The toilet paper industry is going to speak out against going to heaven!


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