as no one here SHOULD know, today is the National Day of Prayer.  yes, apparently there will be a lot of sore knees when the devout wake up tomorrow.  i hope they're nice and bloody.  

the President is required by law to participate in this.  good thing he's not really a Muslim or he'd be off to Muslim hell, assuming they have such a thing.  i find this whole thing ridiculous, and a resounding fuck you to the Constitution.  so i'd like to return the favor by telling any holier than though who participates in this farce to go fuck yourself and the pew you rode in on.  

Jefferson and Madison repeatedly refused to accept requests for this very thing.  how is it that people who claim to love love love the Constitution and the Founders be so ignorant of both?  to set the record straight, here is what Jefferson wrote to one faith leader upon receiving his request to have a National Day of Prayer:

“I have duly received your favor of the 18th and am thankful to you for having written it, because it is more agreeable to prevent than to refuse what I do not think myself
authorized to comply with. I consider the government of the U.S. as interdicted by the
Constitution from intermeddling with religious institutions, their doctrines, discipline, or
exercises…. Certainly no power to prescribe any religious exercise, or to assume
authority in religious discipline, has been delegated to the general government….
But it is only proposed that I should recommend, not prescribe a day of fasting & prayer.

That is, that I should indirectly assume to the U. S. an authority over religious exercises which the Constitution has directly precluded them from. It must be meant too that this recommendation is to carry some authority, and to be sanctioned by some penalty on those who disregard it; not indeed of fine and imprisonment, but of some degree of proscription perhaps in public opinion. And does the change in the nature of the penalty make the recommendation the less a law of conduct for those to whom it is directed?

I do not believe it is for the interest of religion to invite the civil magistrate to direct its
exercises, its discipline, or its doctrines; nor of the religious societies that the general
government should be invested with the power of affecting any uniformity of time or
matter among them. Fasting & prayer are religious exercises. The enjoining them an act
of discipline. Every religious society has a right to determine for itself the times for these exercises, & the objects proper for them, according to their own particular tenets; and this right can never be safer than in their own hands, where the constitution has deposited it.

I am aware that the practice of my predecessors may be quoted. But I have ever believed that the example of state executives led to the assumption of that authority by the general government, without due examination, which would have discovered that what might be a right in a state government, was a violation of that right when assumed by another. Be this as it may, every one must act according to the dictates of his own reason, & mine tells me that civil powers alone have been given to the President of the U.S. and no authority to direct the religious exercises of his constituents.

I again express my satisfaction that you have been so good as to give me an opportunity of explaining myself in a private letter, in which I could give my reasons more in detail than might have been done in a public answer: and I pray you to accept the assurances of my high esteem & respect.”

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A lot of sore knees? Are you sure it's not the national day to orally please your partner? At least with my suggestion, there would be some direct, tangible, benefit, with a lot of people a lot more relaxed. 

i like it.  think we could get Republicans to go along with it?

I think Marcus Bachmann would. Problem is, Christian crusader Michelle would still be frustrated.

hahahahahahaha!!  i can't wait till he gets busted for being on his knees in a airport bathroom.  

If I have sore knees tomorrow, it will be from a good days work of weeding my gravel path, not engaged in groveling before an imaginary skydaddy.

I agree Spud - don't grovel before imaginary beings.

Was it today?

Well I didn't pray one bit. : )

well, that's what i heard.  if i did pray, i'd pray for the end of the national day of prayer.  

Yes - you should do that Matthew.

Ooops looks like I missed it.. ;)

seems at least one politician gave us a quiet shout out:

how bout that?

An elected official with a backbone! Will 'miracles' never cease?




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