After going to Catholic school my entire life and being surrounded by Catholic family and friends, I'm here basically to talk to people who consider non-theism normal. Mainly, I was hoping to find people my own age who don't believe in god and are actually intelligent. I have no experience with atheist social networking, so I feel a little awkward, but hopefully this goes well for me!

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Im not the most intelligent however I too went to catholic school and understand the craziness. Nothing to feel ashamed about :). If im on feel free to chat me up.
also welcome :)
Welcome, Cris. No need to be ashamed of anything here. You'll love it. It's like Facebook, but awesome.
Cris, like you, by the time I finished my 12 year sentence in catholic schools, I had rejected the dogma too. I've never looked back in the 30 years since. You might want to join the Young Atheist group and just have fun exploring this "community" that's based on reality and reason, and not ignorance and fear.
Don't worry the good people will show up long befour the bad. You will make friends quickly.
Hi Cris and welcome to A|N. I went through the catholic education system myself and often teach in it too. Let me reassure you, you do get over it. There are plenty of young atheists here and I'm sure you'll find many people to connect with. Don't worry about being shy, there are enough of us here to get you chatting. Hope you enjoy it.


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