Hi, I'm Whitney and of course I'm 15 and agnostic, leaning more towards atheist.
If you want some quick background as to why I'm so sure about my beliefs, well, I was raised Christian so I generally know the basic rules and regulations of Christianity, but I never really agreed with them and I never felt the presence of a 'God'. I also had a horrible experience with religion a few years ago (I was forced to stand in line to try to recieve the holy ghost while every fucker in there was rolling on the floor speaking in tongues, I didn't like it, I was scared, and it didn't happen to me so that was a major turning point.) Since then I've tried looking around at other religions to see if any of them suited me, but the more I looked and learned, the more they all seemed like fairy tales to me.  I've realized that I don't need a god to be happy or successful, I can do that all by myself.

Unfortunately, I'm only 'out' to two of my closest friends, one of which is agnostic herself and another who is Christian, but didn't openly judge me about my beliefs.  My family is pretty religious so I'm really hesitant about coming out to them.


Anyways, nice to meet you all :)

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Whitney. We're glad to have you!
Agnosticism, eh? You're on your way!
I'm 15 and agnostic, leaning more towards atheist.

Then you're on the wrong way. The path to atheism is one of unlearning.

Welcome anyway (pun intended!)
Welcome! I was in a similar position at your age. All I can say is don't bother getting into arguments about religion with other people in school. If you do discuss it try to be calm about it. Also, give coming out to your family some time. Get really comfortable with whatever you (don't) believe before trying to tell them about how you feel. Good luck!
Thanks for all the good luck wishes :)

I've tried dropping hints to my family (very very subtle ones, ones that, to them, say "I have some doubts but I'm still blindly believing") but I already have the feeling that my non-belief won't ever sit well with them, so yes, I think I'll wait till I'm out of the house to tell them.
I disagree. This is almost never the best course of action for a minor in my opinion.

Your advice is fine for an independent adult. For a person who is legally, financially, and socially subject to the will of others, especially others with a particularly dogmatic position, purposefully and openly attacking their position is more likely to result in a negative outcome than a positive one.
I agree with Tom. If you're a minor and have any reason to believe your parents might take action against you, or disown you, you should stay in the closet. However, if you have no reason to think that, go ahead and come out to them. It makes you feel better.
Welcome to the community. My parents are both religious or at least theists. They both love me so even though it's a wierd subject if it comes up, they both just accept it, no issues. Maybe they think it'll change back or something, I dunno. It's been12 years now. Anyhow, say it when you feel comfortable. People at school can be really ignorant to other people's feelings so that's probably a bigger worry. At least you'll have we, the digital friends to support you! =)

Agnosticism is not a half-way to atheism btw. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/agnostic . You can be both Agnostic (admitting the evidence required for god is unknowable) and an Atheist (rejecting the belief in a personal god.)
Welcome welcome! I was also in the boat of doubt around your age. Keep on your journey, unlearn all you can! This place is a gold mine of intellectual minds that you can pick at (you buzzard you)! =)

Alan is very right. I declare myself as an apathetic agnostic atheist (don't know, don't care, 99% sure it/he/she is nonexistent though), mostly because I like alliterations lol.




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