Glad to find this site! I recently moved back to my home state of South Carolina, and it's been weird. I spent the last seven years in grad school, where most of the people around me were atheist, agnostic, or indifferent. Now I'm back in a town where people meeting you for the first time automatically ask what church you go to. I miss my heathen friends!

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Welcome to the site Katie, I am alex from NY. I know what is like to be surrounded by people who bring church up constantly. There are just so many ways you can politely try to deflect the questions. I don't hide being an Atheist, but some days I just don't feel like getting into an argument which is almost always the result of people learning that I don't believe in god. I hate they feel it is their job to try to "save" me.
I just find it very arrogant for them to assume I need saving. Anyway, I am relatively new to the site as well, but I have met a few good people on here so far. You seem more like my kind of atheist, the non militant kind lol.

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And here's a link to "Food!" :-)

You had me at food and tv.  :) I love them both.  

lmao, ugh.. have you ever posted a quote about Atheism on Twitter? The nuts come out of the woodwork trying to save you. If you're not careful, you could spend hours going back and forth with someone looking to instill their god into you!

Hey, KT, greets and welcome and like that there!  Wade on in; the water ain't deep!

Welcome, and glad you found us. We're an eclectic lot here. All with varying backgrounds and interests. But, the one thing we all share in common. is holding our nose at the superstitions in the world.

Welcome KT, glad you joined us.

Hey there, nice to meet you. I am brand new here to and I can relate to your feeling because I live in a conservative, religious town in PA and it is a bit annoying at times! Your among friends now though. What did you study in school btw?




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