Hey all, i've been an open atheist for about 5 years and debating for the past two, I love a good discussion but theists want more of a shouting match so I thought I'd join you all over here :) I'm currently at university studying molecular biology so sorry if I tend to ramble about the technicalities in evolution :P

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Hello! If the world were inhabited by zombies, welcome to the quarantine zone. :)

Don't worry, yur safe here lol
Technicalities in evolution, now you're talking,
welcome, and I know what you mean about the shouting match.
so sorry if I tend to ramble about the technicalities in evolution

Don't be sorry. It's far more interesting than a bible thumper explaining the technical difficulties of creationism. (Although that might be more amusing.)

Welcome to A/N!
Welcome. Theists often resort to petty tactics during debates/arguments, don't they?
Thanks all for the warm welcome, I was a little bit busy yesterday with my lectures but i'm pretty free today so i'll be wandering through all the discussion threads hope to see you all :D
@Cynical: I can honestly say that I know three year olds with better debating skills than theists :P (He always wins because noone has the heart to criticise him. damn nephews being so adorable! :P)


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