I am Anne, new at this site, not new as an athesit. Don't know when I stopped believing in a god - if I ever did.

I don't usually have problems with religious people; as long as they leave me alone, I leave them alone.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Hi Anne, Velkommen!


Hi Anne, welcome to Atheist Nexus!  You're going to love it here, see you around!
Hi Anne - glad to meet you. I also believe in "live and let live" -- nice to have you on the site.
HiI'm new here to. I've heard of nexus but just today became a member. I'm pretty stoked!!
Thanks for the nice welcome! I don't have much time to spend here tonight, but I'll get a closer look at the Nexus later :-)


Hi Anne, meet ya at the Water Cooler...ha.  That's the place the REALLY interesting conversations begin...just kidding...all the categories are bound to have a topic that interests you!

I just joined,too! Tell me if you want to chat,I would love to get a chance to test my english (and get new friends of course) :D




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