Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon this site.  I have been an atheist for quite some time now, but have just decided I needed to "talk" about it publicly.  The current political scene in the U.S. can do that to someone....so I hopped online a few weeks back, found some blogs, like some, started one myself and eventually found my way here.

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Welcome! :)

Welcome......will check out your blog. :)

Thanks guys!

Hey there -- I hope you enjoy the site!


Thanks everyone what a great welcome.

me too. I have been an atheist for many years but just about few months ago I started to search for forums, sites like this to talk to people of the same belief.

Yeah its been a ton of fun so far.  I have been able to hop in and have some nice conversations, and received some nice comments on my blog--ways to make it better and new ways to look at some stuff--overall, it has been a great experience so far.




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