Hello from Seattle!

I'm Laura, and I recently moved from Minnesota to the beautiful state of Washington. I was a member of CASH (campus atheists, skeptics, and humanists) at the University of Minnesota before I moved but I haven't been able to find a group near my new home yet. Thus, I figured I would look for a nice online community in the meantime!

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Welcome to A|N, and welcome to Washington! I'm on the other side of the state from you, in Spokane. I'm glad to hear you like it over here. I lived in Seattle for a little bit right after high school. It's a beautiful city.

Nice to meet you! :)
Hello and welcome!
Hi Laura - welcome to A/N and Washington! It really doesn't rain as much here as they say, but don't tell other people that, they might want to live here. :-)
Welcome to A/N!
Hi Laura.
hi Laura. welcome
welcome!! i live in seattle too and it doesn't rain ENOUGH for my liking (cool weather man)
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Sorry it took me forever to respond, life pulled me away from the computer there for a while. Anyway, I'm back now and should be able to log on more often. :)




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