Hello everyone.

     Been a member for a week or so. Figured I would say hello and say a little about myself. Been in a 'transitional moment' for a few years now. After really looking at the world, and thinking logically, I have come to the conclusion that there is no god. Yeah.....I am slow...I had a rough childhood....lots of head trauma. Seriously. Sharpened my wit though. Anway.....not out as an athiest/humanist/freethinker other than to my wife. I am still trying to take in all this. She feels the same way I do thank goodness. Still figuring things out and learning but I can say I feel so much better even deciding in my own head about where I stand. I feel free....it is great.

Hope you all have an excellent evening and look forward to chatting and whatnot.

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Nice to meet you!

Hello DG, and welcome.


Thanks for the replies...Nice to feel welcome. It may sound kind of silly but I am excited to be here...I have been quiet about my feelings and opinions for quite awhile and cant wait to come out fully. Is it odd that I dont want to do it right away? I have trouble sometimes voicing what I know full well in my head so I need to be able to read and think about how and what I feel. I dont want to just say 'I am athiest!' and not be able explain it or reasonably defend my stance. I also have my wife and daughter to think about....I dont want to subject them to undue difficulties because of me. So much to think about....I'll probably looking for more advice from this community in the future. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the board Detroit Guy.  You will know better about what you should do than any of us will about coming out as an atheist (if that is the case).  The nice thing is that there is plenty of information on other people's experiences.  This will let you make a more informed decision on what to do.  I'm afraid that when it comes down to it, you will probably make a decision based on how you feel at the moment.  Typically one gets tired of one person or a group of people making stupid statements over and over again, and out of nowhere the atheist just lays it out there from shear frustration.  Much of the time, being ostracized actually saves you a lot of headache.  

Welcome DG! I'm new to this site as well. I have been atheist for a while now after recovering from Mormonism. ;) I honestly never believed all that stuff, but the people did get me through a very rough time when I was younger and I supposed I just grew accustomed to the culture. It's really nice to see a lot of people with similar feelings in one place and to feel like being logical and rational hasn't gone away completely! Everyone is SO nice here and not in the "I'm just being nice to you because the bearded boy said to", kind of way. :)

Hi Detroit Guy, welcome to sanity!. Take a good look around the site, there are so many discussions and topics to choose from and of course, so much to learn.

Welcome DG, I myself just joined this rag-tag group a few weeks back, and I can say that it is nice to have a place to vent without getting the disapproving glares from all the theists.

Greetings from a like mind!

Hey Detroit! Welcome to a refuge from insanity. Glad you're here and hope to see you around.




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