Hi Everyone

My name is Shane (as if that isn't obvious). I am a 24 (nearly 25) year old Atheist from England. I love sports, and am a keen computing and computer gaming enthusiast, and am of course a staunch atheist

If anyone wants to know any more about me, there is some info on my profile page. Other than that, I look forward to taking part in this community, and must congratulate the founders of this site for putting this together, and creating a real Atheist's haven.

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Hi Shane, welcome to Atheist Nexus!
Welcome to A|N! So you love football, what team do your root for? I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan (that's just in the EPL) and My Barça will be kicking Arsenals rear end!

Anyways glad you joined us, enjoy your stay!
In English football I am a Liverpool fan (don't even go there, I know, our season has been bloody awful), as for European teams, I wouldn't call myself a Barca supporter but I have a lot of respect for them, best team in Europe at the moment in my opinion.

As for F1 I am a McLaren Mercedes fan, although I also support Alonso
I have respect for Liverpool and I am a big Torres fan. I pretty much have a team in the big 4 leagues and the US of A leagues (MLS and USL).

I pretty much watch footy 24/7 and today I got to see my temple (via tv), Red Bull Arena in Harrison New Jersey, what a beautiful stadium and excited for the start of the league this coming week.

Anyways again welcome and hope to see you around! =)
Hi Shane. Welcome to A|N

I'm an a-footaball-ist, as much as I am an atheist: I worship neither.
BLASPHEMY!! Repent to the Footy Gods or you shall be smited! hahaha =P
Hah! An empty threat. What next: Pascal's Wager? :-P
Hi Shane! Im a 26 yr old Atheist from Ireland! I joined awhile ago but the quote "herding cats" is apt in my lifestyle.
Im back here after a long time working on life and my family { my wife and son} and want to start becoming more part of the community like yourself!
what games you play? xbox r playstaion? maybe we can add and frag one another from time to time :)
take care and glad to have you round!
(BTW: am a warcraft nerd aswell if anyone is interested!}
Welcome to AN. Beautifully said about the atheist heaven!
I mainly play PC games, my favourites are shooters (particularly the Bioshock and Half-Life series), don't play much online in all honesty I am not that good xD
Atheist heaven - I think Dresden Codak about nailed it.





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