Hi i'm Shona, I'm a second gen (well 3rd gen if I actually think about it - my gran has no time for the church) atheist. I live in the UK. I suppose I've had it lucky as I very rarely get any sort of negativity when I tell people i'm an atheist - I must have annoyed the teachers a bit as most of my classmates hadn't realised that not believing was an option before I said it in an RE class...


I'm 32, married (my husband was brought up Christian but rejected it pretty early on himself, his mother is a believer) and I have one daughter who turns 3  next week.


I am also a lapsed musician and artist (used to be in band, still play a bit, miss it a lot) and a Doctor Who fan, my husband and myself are brainwashing our daughter right now so she loves Doctor Who, in fact shes geting a TARDIS next week for her birthday!


I would love to make some new friends and fire up the braincells a bit again as well.

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