It's kinda funny that I forgot to introduce myself here and went straight for the groups.

That being said, hi everyone, my name is Monica.


I am a former charismatic christian and recovering religion addict(I like that term). I've told my story in both Recovering from Religion group and The former Christian fundie group that I'm not sure if I really need to tell the story again. 


I am currently in my senior year of college. The degree I'm pursuing is psychology. When I am not writing extremely long papers for class, I write, cook, or play on x box. I also do alot of girly/otaku things that are a bit goofy so I'll spare the details. 

Anyway. Hi again!

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Hello! Would a college degree in Psychology include any study of the psychology of religion?


Welcome Monica! Good luck in your continuing "recovery".
Actually,yes it does include that but I am focusing more on child psychology. On the side I'd study that.


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